Legionella Prevention Case Study

Legionella Prevention Case Study

Project:Large Hotel

Location: Warwickshire

Initial Enquiry: 

  • To inspect water system and tanks in building
  • To look at any maintenance plans in place
  • To comply with legal responsibilities

Services Recommended:

  • Legionella Risk Assessment to identify any potential risks
  • Annual Tank Clean & Chlorination  
  • Annual Legionella Sampling
  • Log book to be completed by the nominated person in the property to record daily temperatures
  • Introduce a maintenance plan

Maintenance plan put into place:

  • Initial Legionella Risk Assessment carried out to develop a maintenance plan and identify any risk within the water system
  • Annual Legionella samples for analysis by an independent U.K.A.S. accredited laboratory  
  • Annual Tank Clean & Chlorination with Chlorination Certificate produced on completion and kept for records
  • Annual inspections during maintenance works