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BSRIA Closed system flushing, Water Treatment & Testing

When it comes to water treatments, Richmond Hydrochem Special Projects is the name you can count on. 

BSRIA Closed system flushing, Water Treatment & Testing

At Richmond Hydrochem we carry out the water treatment and flushing of closed systems, such as heating, chilled and cooling systems. These services are available for both pre-commission systems and existing systems throughout the UK. For new systems, we follow recommendations from the BSRIA BG29/2021 guide, and for existing systems, we follow recommendations from the BG50/2021 guide. Not every job will warrant full guidance, depending on time and budget restraints; however, the core of our services is driven by these guides and recommendations from leading industry professionals in engineering and science.


We carry out the water treatment of pre-commission systems to clear them of scale formation, joining compound, debris, and microbial growth, ensuring that they run as designed and are ready for the commissioning process. If these items are left in a system, then problems could arise, such as blocked strainers, control valves and further corrosion, leading to bacteria problems. Water treatment is a vital requirement of many systems to prevent future issues that could be too late to remedy, such as mechanical plant being irreparably damaged.

We follow the guidance of BG50 when looking at existing and handed-over closed systems. This guidance ensures the maintenance of your systems and plant. This will often involve chemistry and microbiology samples and tests. We will check the chemistry levels of your system, which includes searching for anti-corrosion inhibitors, pH, iron levels, various chemistry and our microbiology check will look at the bacteria levels of the system. We can test systems both in house with onsite test kits through an accredited lab depending on the clients requirements.

Good water treatment and management of closed systems can reduce and control the demand for energy by optimizing the operation and maintenance of your system. By ensuring the system’s chemistry and bacteria levels are within the necessary parameters, you can be confident of saving energy and running costs. Most importantly, you can help to prevent the costly expense of prematurely replacing your plant.

For all your water treatment requirements, call Richmond Hydrochem Special Projects - We'd be delighted to help you.

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